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Use journal prompts to remind you to write in your personal journal

Timely journal prompts can be sent to you via email or SMS. Never forget to write in your journal again.

One way to build a daily writing habit is to remind yourself. Mindlogz can send you writing prompts to help you remember to write that day.

Sometimes a gentle poke is all you need to get started

Choose from a variety of topics from our library of journal prompts. If you're not satisfied, stop and start new prompts, anytime.

  • Select a topic that speaks to you

    We have a selection of hand-crafted writing prompts to help you in your journey.

  • Feel free to change your mind, anytime

    You can change your writing prompts whenever you like. Go ahead - switch it up.

  • New writing prompts every month

    We're always working on new writing prompts. When we have a new idea ready, we publish it and make it available to you.