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Gratitude Soup

If you're looking for a simple gratitude journal to find a little happiness in your life, try seven days of a lovely brew of gratitude journal prompts. We'll text you to remind you what you can be thankful for.


Simply thinking about your family can make you smile

When your body feels cold or you feel a sickness coming on, sometimes the best thing you need is a bowl of hot soup.

Showing gratitude and reflecting on what you're thankful for can be just that - a bowl of hot soup for your brain.

Take a quick hit of gratitude

If what you're looking for is a quick hit of gratitude, this set of journal prompts is perfect for you.

We'll give you seven days of smooth, warm text messages to put you back on your feet.

Once you get back to normal, give our family gratitude journal prompts a shot. It's a great way to learn to appreciate your family more.


To help you remember to write, here's a preview of the types of writing prompts and reminders you can expect to receive.

  • I know you've smiled recently. Don't lie. Who or what made you smile in the last 24 hours? Why? What happened?
  • If you could thank someone right now, who would it be and why? What did they do for you?
  • Sometimes I'm a sock shoe sock shoe person. What's the quirkiest part of your daily routine? Why do you like it?

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