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Daily Check-in

Conquer your to-do list

A great way to start keeping a journal is to keep track of what you're doing each day. Keep track of your daily to-dos and how much you have going on in your life. Start building a daily writing habit in a simple way.


Write your daily to-do list

A great way to start a daily writing habit is to keep track of what you're doing.

You don't need to be creative. You don't need to think of the best words to use. Simply write down your to-do list or what you have planned for the day.

Benefits of tracking your to-dos

  • Identify what stresses you out in your life.
  • Recognize how much you do daily.
  • Analyze where you spend your time.
  • Have a historical record of your plans.
  • Find things to cut out of your life.
  • Think of new activities you'd like to be doing.

What type of person would benefit from these prompts?

  • Someone with a busy lifestyle that feels like their day is over in an instant.
  • Someone who wants to be more mindful about how they spend their time.
  • Someone who wishes they could remember what they did last week.


Each day, we'll send you a reminder.

  • What do you need to get done today?

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