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Daily Check-in

Daily Stress Management

Starting a journal about stress can help you manage it. With these prompts, you can track your stress level each day. After a few days or weeks, you can use that data to help identify triggers in your life.


Manage your daily stress by writing

High stress negatively impacts your health. Stress can make you irritable. It's a huge factor in your happiness.

That's why you should find ways to be mindful of your stress level.

Benefits of writing daily about your stress levels

  • Identify causes of stress.
  • Find patterns that make your life stressful.
  • Track what days are stress free vs. what days have maximum stress.
  • Learn ways to improve stress management.
  • See how your stress levels change over time.

Who would benefit from writing daily about stress?

  • Someone with a busy lifestyle that has trouble managing stress.
  • Someone who wants to learn patterns about what causes extra stress.
  • Someone who has recovered from a stressful life and wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.


Each day, we'll send you a reminder.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, what's your stress level? Why?

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