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Crohn's Disease

My significant other doesn't get it

"My boyfriend doesn't believe I'm in pain." "I can't believe my girlfriend told me to suck it up." That's common for people dealing with Crohn's disease. A journal can help you rant and work through these emotions.


Your partner is being an asshole

If you belong to an online support group, you've seen the posts. Someone is complaining about their girlfriend or their boyfriend of their wife or their husband.

That person is ranting and rightfully so.

However, it doesn't have to get to that point.

Try to help your partner understand

It's difficult for others to understand what we're going through. Even worse, it's hard for us to communicate how we're feeling to others.

Try these daily writing prompts when you love your partner, but you're not sure how to talk to them.


To help you remember to write, here's a preview of the types of writing prompts and reminders you can expect to receive.

  • Do you ever feel embarrased or ashamed to talk about your disease with others?
  • Does your partner feel like Crohn's is just an excuse for you? Have you tried talking with them about it?
  • A good way to understand your partner's point of view is to ask questions. What questions would you ask them?

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