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Crohn's Disease

My disease is getting the best of me

Crohn's disease can frustrate the best of us. Dealing with a chronic illness is a daunting task. Sometimes you need a little help to get through a flare. Use these daily writing prompts to help you understand your emotions and ways to stay positive.


A chronic illness that's always with you

No matter how long you've been in remission, Crohn's is never too far away.

It can be something simple. Eat the wrong thing. Get too stressed out. And boom! A flare hits you.

We've all been there

The thought of dealing with a chronic illness is daunting. The disease is always with us.

The best we can do is try to get back to thinking positive thoughts.

Use these journal prompts to get through the tough times

You may have found this page because you're a little lost. You're not sure what to do or how to feel.

These writing prompts were designed for that moment.

We'll try to help you understand your emotions and ways to cope with them.

If Crohn's is new to you, try our daily writing prompts for when you learn you have Crohn's disease.


To help you remember to write, here's a preview of the types of writing prompts and reminders you can expect to receive.

  • We all need to hear it. You can make it through this rough patch. Give me 3 reasons why you love yourself.
  • Have you leaned on your partner or your closest friend for help? What do you love most about them?
  • It's OK to feel the way you feel. Crohn's is frustrating and unpredictable. In the past, what have you done to work through the ups and downs?

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