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Help: Using the Calendar to Track Progress

One of the ways to keep your daily writing habit consistent is to use the calendar. Each day you write, your progress is tracked. Keep your streak alive by writing each day.

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  1. Find the calendar on your My Notebook page. This is your home page and where you can find everything at your fingertips.

  2. The first step is to write in your journal. When you first sign up, your calendar will be blank.

    A picture of a blank calendar. Before you begin writing, your calendar is blank.

  3. If you write on a given day, we'll put a small green circle on that day. It's like marking a check in a checkbox.

  4. If you continue to write on that day, the circle will get darker. A dark green circle is an indicator you had a lot to say that day.

  5. After you've written for a few weeks, you'll be able to use the calendar to track your progress.

    A picture of a calendar with writing activity displayed to track progress.

  6. You can also click on the previous month to see the progress you've made in the past.

  7. Clicking on a date will let you see the journal entries for that day.

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