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Making Your Journal Feel More Personal

Some people struggle to make their journal feel more personal. For the record, it's not a requirement that your journal is personal, but there are some ways you can make your journal more about you and your personality.

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What techniques can you use to keep a more personal journal?

If you find your journal boring or unremarkable, you're not alone. Keeping a journal isn't easy. Sometimes it's mundane and feels like work.

But, you can do some things to make keeping a journal more fun.

Tell more stories

One trick to make your journal feel more personal is to tell more stories.

Whether you admit it or not, your life is exciting. You wake up every day and have a routine. You might have a particular thing you do that makes you unique.

Think about those things and tell your story. What has happened in your life recently that makes you, you?

Talk in your language

Don't worry about writing with proper grammar or fancy vocabulary words.

Your journal is yours. You get to write how you want to write.

Make up words. Strike things out. Underline. WRITE IN ALL CAPS. You know the drill.

Make your journal all about you. You aren't submitting your journal to a writing contest.

Don't be afraid to dig into scary topics

You might feel an urge to suppress certain thoughts or feelings. If you don't write it, nobody will find out, right?


Embrace those feelings and those thoughts. Don't shy away from them. Write them out.

Even if the words come out a bit weird or you write something that doesn't entirely make sense, try to do it anyway.

What else does your journal need to be personal?

Have you struggled in the past to make a more personal journal? How did you fix the problem? We'd love to hear what you have to say.

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