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What to Do When You Lose Motivation to Journal

Anyone that's ever kept a journal knows it's true. Sometimes you just don't feel like keeping a journal for awhile. It's a normal feeling to have.

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Burn out. That's what you're feeling. And it's normal.

Here's why.

Take doctors for example. It's fairly common for a doctor to experience burnout. Why? Long hours. Stressful situations. Basically, doctors are overworked.

Now, writing in a journal isn't performing surgery on an injured person. But there's one thing in common.

If you get to the point where writing in your journal is causing you stress, you're burned out.

Take a break.

You don't get any special points by keeping your streak alive. Nobody is going to be disappointed in you.

It's completely normal to want to take a break from something.

When the time is right, you'll come back. Doctors love what they do, but sometimes they need a vacation.

You probably love journaling, but sometimes you need a vacation too. Your journal will be there when you come back.

Working on a daily writing habit?

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