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An Online Journal App should be Simple and Easy to Use

People struggle to keep an online journal because the app they use is too complex. An online journal should let you write quickly and easily without any distractions. The app should challenge you to write every day.

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If you struggle to write in an online journal every day, you might need to find a new app. It might not be your fault. An online journal app should be so easy to use that you have no excuse to write.

Here's why you struggle to write.

  1. Distractions. You lead a busy life and there's lots going on.
  2. Pressure. If a journal app is pressuring you to write pages and pages, something is wrong.
  3. Complexity. An app should keep it dead simple to start writing.

Here's what you can do.

Keep trying new online journal apps until you find one that's right for you. Don't give up. There are many different apps out there and there's not one that everybody uses.

You can find one that keeps you motivated to write.

Features you should look for in an online journal app

1. Focuses on the writing

If your online journal has too many features, it's taking away from what's most important: writing. Don't settle. Writing should be easy and always at the center of attention.

2. Personalization

One of the amazing things about physical journals is customization. You get to use your creativity to make the journal yours. In an online journal, you might not get that, but it's still important. An online journal app should allow you to personalize your online journal entries. That means things like changing colors, adding images, and emphasizing text.

3. A way to keep you motivated

Even for the best of us, it can be easy to lose the motivation to write. Some days you don't feel creative and that's natural. Look for an online journal that offers writing prompts and rewards. A good online journal app should track your journal progress.

4. No pressure to write lots of words

You don't need to write thousands of words to be a great writer. There's no rule the says a journal needs to be filled with pages and pages. With an online journal, feel free to write a little or write a lot.

5. Simple editor with a focus mode

To stay focused on your writing, you need a simple, easy to use editor to compose journal entries. Think the opposite of social media apps like Facebook or Twitter. You shouldn't be distracted while writing. Minimal distractions allow you to keep your thoughts flowing onto the page.

6. Tags on your entries

When you have something important, you should be able to tag it easily. For example, one way to tag a journal entry is with a hashtag much like Twitter. Tags give you a chance to re-read what you've written in your online journal in the past.

7. Highlight your past writing

When you keep an online journal, it can be fun to be reminded of something you've written before. Highlights look back on what you've written and show those entries to you randomly. Reading what happened three months ago can turn your day around.

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