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Help: How to Get Journal Prompts Emailed to You

When you start a journal with mindlogz, you have the option to receive journal prompts via email. Learn how to turn on the email feature of mindlogz for your journal.

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  1. Before you begin, you'll want to start a simple daily journal. Once you've created a journal, you can continue to the next step.

  2. In your notebook, find Settings. This is where you can manage both Email and SMS journal prompts.

  3. Click on the Enable Email button. After, you should see a green dot and the text "Email: Enabled".

    A picture showing the Settings section of a mindlogz journal.

  4. You'll begin receiving journal prompts in your inbox. If at anytime you wish to stop receiving the emails, click on Disable Email and all emails will be stopped.

  5. If you wish to receive journal prompts via text message, use the Enable SMS button.

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