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Tips on How Busy People Write Daily

The benefits of a daily writing habit are many, but writing takes time. When you're busy, that's time you might not have. The best way to build the habit is to start by any means possible.

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Start small

When you sit down to write on the first day, write about anything.

Don't have an agenda.

You aren't writing a book, so don't try. And you're probably the only reader, so don't try to please everyone.

Embrace the bad

Don't be afraid to write down stupid ideas or ideas that don't make any sense. Write whatever comes to mind.

It doesn't even have to be related to what your topic is about or what you did that day.

Embrace what's in your head and let it all out.

Give yourself permission to write badly. Bad daily writing is still writing.

Pick a time (and change it)

Sticking to a schedule can be a good, but don't let that get in your way.

This may seem like unconventional advice: If your scheduled time comes around and you don't feel like writing, don't.

And don't be hard on yourself either. Missing your scheduled time isn't failure.

Be spontaneous

If a random thought pops in your head or you feel an emotion, write it down.

Do this on a daily basis and you'll soon have yourself a writing habit.

Use a simple tool

If you like writing in a notebook, great - do that. If you like your phone's notes app, use that.

The two most important features are: 1) Does the tool do what it's supposed to do? and 2) Do you like using it?

If you're still looking for a simple writing app, build a daily writing habit with mindlogz.

Working on a daily writing habit?

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