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About us

Learn more about who we are and what we're building.

I'm building something for myself

I wanted to write. Specifically, I wanted to keep track of how I was feeling and what I was thinking about day to day. That's why I built this. And you might find it useful, too.

Hi, my name is Derek. I've been building products for the web for years. I love doing it. It's a lot of fun.

Building a website is hard. It takes time to get things right.

But I'm making a promise. If you experience a serious bug using mindlogz, I'll fix it. I'm using mindlogz everyday as a journal. Chances are I'm experiencing the same bug as you.

Use our journal prompts to learn more about yourself

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.

- Anne Frank

I've spent time developing a bunch of different journal prompts. These prompts have been helpful for me. I hope they can be helpful for you, too.

I encourage you to start a journal. Try it out for a few days. Many people in history have kept a journal.

Anne Frank. Benjamin Franklin. Maya Angelou. Tim Ferriss. Lady Gaga.

Even if you don't use mindlogz, go buy a notebook today and start. Give it a shot. I promise you'll learn something - even if you only write for a few days.