Mindlogz - Online Digital Journal App, Easy and Simple to Use

Keeping a personal journal doesn't have to be difficult

Build a rewarding journal habit with timely journal prompts, fun challenges, and simple writing tools.

I built mindlogz to teach myself how to journal every day and reflect on my life. My hope is you'll find it useful, too.


Founder, Mindlogz

  • Yesterday 8:49pm
  • Thanks for starting a new gratitude journal! I'll check in on you first thing tomorrow.
  • Awesome, thanks! I'm excited to get started.
  • Today 10:22am
  • Tell me about someone whose company you enjoy. Send a picture of them if you have one.
  • I love spending time with my son. His smile makes me smile. I always look forward to seeing him when he wakes up in the morning.

Simple journaling tools. Private & encrypted.

You can sleep soundly at night knowing what you write is safe and encrypted. Your writing is always private to you.

  • A simple, easy to use editor

    Our composer is simple and includes a focus mode, free of distractions.

  • Statistics that matter

    We count the words you write and how long you've been writing.

  • Private, encrypted writing

    All of your writing is encrypted over HTTPS and encrypted in our databases.

  • Write by text message

    Our SMS integration allows you to text your writing to your notebook on the go.

A screenshot of a mindlogz notebook. The screenshot shows what a person's daily writing habit looks like. Also shown, a calendar showing how much the person has written in the month of February.

Features that help you write what you want, when you want

Write a little or write a lot.

Get reminders

We have a library of journal prompts to help inspire you to write. A good prompt can be motivating and help you become a daily writer.

  • A wide range of topics

    Pick from a crafted selection of writing prompts.

  • Stop if you change your mind

    If you're not satisfied with the writing prompts you picked, stop and start new ones.

  • New writing prompts every month

    We're always working on new topics for you to choose from.

One way to build a daily writing habit is to remind yourself. Mindlogz can send you writing prompts to help you remember to write that day.

Complete challenges

Get rewarded for writing every day. It's like getting prizes for exploring your mind.

  • Challenges range from easy to hard

    Some challenges only take a day to complete. Other challenges you'll need to earn by writing in your journal more often.

  • Unlock new challenges

    Each time you complete a challenge, you'll unlock a new one.

  • Find the secret challenges

    There are hidden challenges that you can't see. Unlock them by writing in your journal every day. Good luck!

Daily writing challenges like writing three days in a row can keep your motivation high and help you build a consistent writing habit.

Track your progress

As you build a writing habit, keep track of your streaks and how much you've been writing.

  • Get rewarded for streaks

    Challenge yourself to write daily and see your progress on the calendar.

  • Go back in time to read

    The calendar is a great place to go back and read what you wrote in the past.

Tracking your progress is an important part of building a daily writing habit. Follow the writing calendar to see how you're doing.

More features you'll love

Focus mode
Eliminate distractions while you're writing.
Metrics Coming Soon
The amount you write is analyzed and reported to you.
Use #hashtags to categorize your daily writing.
Before you write, we give you a tip to get started.
Repeating prompts
Some of our writing prompts can be sent to you every day until you decide to stop.
SMS integration
Want to send text messages while you're on the go? We have an integration for that.

Building a personal journaling habit takes patience and motivation

It's hard. We know.

It's not easy to keep a notebook with you and writing by hand can get boring. It's easy to make excuses.

  • You might be away from your notebook.
  • Maybe you're visiting a friend.
  • You just feel lazy.

But if you're most people, you always keep a phone with you. You feel lost without it.

Try something new. You can build a daily writing habit in just five minutes a day.

Hi, I'm Derek

Over the years, I kept thinking I should keep a journal. I never got around to it and for some reason I always hated writing by hand.

So I built mindlogz, mostly for myself at first. I keep my phone with me all the time. Now I can write whenever I have something to share.

Hopefully you find it useful too!

Founder, mindlogz

Frequently asked questions

Is my writing private?
Yes. We use encryption to store your entries in our database. Nobody can see them.
How does it work?
Sign up and start an empty notebook. If you need inspiration, browse our library of journal prompts.
How do I write in my notebook?
You can write in your web browser or you can enable SMS to send text messages. Any message you send gets added to your notebook.
Is there a free trial?
Yes. When you sign up, you get 7 days to write in your notebook. After 7 days, you'll be asked to upgrade to a paid subscription.
How much does it cost?
$9 per month. Your subscription includes a private notebook, reminders, and challenges.
Can I get a longer trial?
Yes! If you refer a friend, we'll add 30 days of free time to your subscription. It's a great way to build a writing habit.